Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Selkie Smith!!!

Yes its come around quickly, but its been a year tomorrow since I lodged my ABN to become a fully fledged business, and what a year!!

I threw myself in and have come out the other end with having learnt so much.

I have met friends on Facebook and at all the markets I attended who are now so dear to me.

I have collaborated with one of my favorite designers – Saffron Craig, which I would have never in a million years thought would happen.

I now have 3 machines, and am in need of a fourth…even though Mr Selkie doesn’t believe me! I’m being to acquire more tools than he has… Soon i’m going to need another room!

I have my best friend Kylie and one of my dearest school friends Laura joining in on the Selkie Smith Fun… must take a pic of our mascot…for not other reason but he cracks us up! “Are you classically trained!”


I love alot about what I do, but the best thing is seeing a child walking around wearing their Yorkiepie satchel as soon as its been bought for them, with such happiness on their faces.. It blows me away and I know for all the hard slog at times it is …this is the reason I do it!

Anyhow I will leave you with a pic from our photo shoot done just before xmas. You may just find it in an issue of a magazine very shortly ;

photo shoot mr h miss cI think 2011 is going to be a fabulous year for Selkie Smith! xo

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