Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Juggle

Hi there!! Long time no speak! I’ve been so busy setting a few wheels in motion. In my previous post, I was telling you that I had to make the hard decision to cut out custom orders from Selkie Smith Design, as I just couldn’t devote enough time to both the business as well as spending quality time with Miss C.

I made a decision to make bags at my own pace and open up an online fabric and patterns shop Selkie’s Stash This will compliment bag sales. I have a real passion for fabrics, and I love to see what fantastic creations my customers come up with! Selkie’s Stash has been running for over a month with great success and I hope that continues to build. I love to help customers pick the right fabrics and patterns for what they are trying to create!

So that leaves me to Selkie Smith Design, I’ve had a short break from making bags and I will be slowly adding bags up onto our website which will be a combined fabric and pattern shop, also stocked with ready made items (bags and accessories).. The thing with bags that they take alot of time to make, and I try to make them of the highest quality and these things take time. (did I already say that..LOL) I hope my loyal customers understand that my creations are still being made it might just take some time to build up the stock, and see them up on the website.

Anywhoo, I wanted to let you know what was going on. I’m still as passionate as when I first began over eighteen months ago and over 300 bags later and while I may be quiet on the FB pages, i working behind the scenes to make Selkie Smith sustainable over the long term…

Just a pic of one of my favourite items that i’ve made recently.. The Black Market Apple Bag!!

black market apple bag

Take care,


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