Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Southgate - Poppyseed Markets Xmas Market Weekend

Hi Everyone!,
Just a reminder for Sydneysiders that Selkie Smith will be Southgate Shopping Centre, Sylvania this weekend 6-7 Nov for Southgate/Poppyseed Markets Christmas Market and Family Fun days! As well as some fabulous stalls including Butterfly Garden, Archie & Moo, Vintage Ruffle, Raspberry Lime Paperie, Mon Tresor plus many more, Santa will be there for the kids, along with face painting and free entertainment.

Kylie and I will be at the Selkie Smith Stall both Saturday and Sunday. We will have some great new stock of Yorkiepies and Caitycoos, plus a few more new items that we will launch on the weekend...great ideas for a handmade xmas : )

We would love to see you there..

Mel xox

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly.....

Long time no speak, surprise!! I have been very busy filling custom orders and getting ready for
all the xmas markets that Selkie Smith will be at over the next couple of months!

I will show you one pic of a custom order for a Deluxe Porkiepie Laptop Bag in Andrea Victoria fabric which I'm very happy with. This bag is a bit of a labour of love, it is time intensive so I will have limited custom spots during the year for this bag.

Coming up we will have some new products being launched at the next few markets, and some lovely gift ideas for xmas. We have also collaborated with Winnie & Clem who make beautiful hats, and we have these in stock to match our Caitycoo Totes and Yorkiepie Satchels, a great gift idea especially as we come into summer!

Below is a pic of a Lil Mermaid Bucket Hat which goes with our Lil Mermaid Caitycoo Tote

I am also grateful to have my good friends Laura and Kylie join the Selkie Smith team to help in the studio and at the markets, (and also to tell me to calm down and stop running around like a as we come into the busiest time of the year. Check the right side bar for our market dates : )

Also don't forget we also have the online shop up and running, so be sure to check it out, and as we get closer to xmas we will have more products being loaded up!

Talk soon,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Multipie Satchel and Website Giveaway

Hello everyone!

I’m lying in bed, sniffling and coughing ugh! So I thought i’d do a blog

As usual things have been busy in the land of Selkie Smith so i’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Firstly, I have a new bag available, basically its the Porkiepie, but bigger, and it has been named the Multipie (Thanks Chrissie!) I’ve had quite a few customers looking for a bigger satchel than the Porkiepie, for a nappy bag mainly, and this I think fits the bill! It would also be good for an overnight bag or a school bag. Check out the bag below in Saffron Craig’s beautiful Birds in Leaves fabric


036 035

It has a large zippered pocket and 3 internal pockets and its BIG!

Also super big news is that our website’s online shop is about to be launched! Hopefully on Sunday night! So please join our mailing list for any updates and for Australian residents the chance to win a Multipie Satchel in your choice of fabric worth $90! I will draw the winner at 5:30pm on Sunday 26th September : )

Okies going back to crawl under the doona!

Selkie xo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Beast in my Sewing Room!

Hello and welcome to my monthly blog post! Oh actually this is my second post this month..yay a record for me!

Things are busy in the land of Selkie Smith which is how I like it! This week I was happy to take receipt of the “Beast”, my industrial sewing machine. To do so I had to swap rooms, I had to move all my sewing stuff and the million yards of fabric into my daughters playroom, and she moved her millions of toys into my old sewing room. Surprisingly it all went off without a hitch, not a tanty from either I or Little Miss Selkie Smith.

Now compared with my other sewing machine, which forever more will be referred to as “Beauty”, the threading of the beast required me to write up a detailed and numbered list of where the thread had to be looped up, under and around..see pic below, I even had to put the numbers on the

008 Anywhoo, it purrs like a kitten, and i’ve got it set on a slower speed at the moment but it’s still fast! Now I can start making my Deluxe Porkiepie Laptop bags!

Here is a few pics of my new sewing room, it much more organised that my other room.

With the Beauty in the foreground.


and my corner office..


In market news I will be at Mathilda’s Market at the Park Hyatt in Canberra on the 12th of Sept, I’m looking forward to going, I haven’t been to Canberra in about 10 years!

And one more thing, please feel free to comment, I promise I won’t bite! ; )

Selkie xo

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My First Mathildas

Yes, hello, it seems that I am consistent with my monthly blog post..sorry!!

Well Selkie Smith had its first stall at the beautiful St Ignatius College Riverview last Sunday.  What a well oiled machine, this market is super organised.  We had a great corner spot so we could get both our trees fully laden with Bags!  Pity our photos aren’t so fantastic..   This pic was a little overladen and had to be pruned a bit, but we had a lot of bags!


We have decided not to take the lattice panels with us anymore but Wall Art and Memo Boards can still be custom ordered and will eventually be available on our website..(more on that later..)  That left me needing another way to let people know who we are.  The lovely Christina of Billy Mac and C&C Design Management made us a fantastic pop up banner! We love it and its so much easier to take to markets! Christina had a stall as well, and it was great to catch up with her and also with Dianne from Little Fish Creations who has some beautiful mobiles and tutus, and is the wonderful admin of the Handmade Cooperative, which we are proud to be a part of!

003We had our new eftpos machine on hand, and it was worth its weight in gold, and a lot easier for us to use than we thought it would be! Our Hairclip Boards sold well as did our hair clips, which at first I was reluctant to start making but I’m determined not to waste fabric and these are a great way of not doing that. 

005 Anyway all in all a great day, and we hope to be at the next Sydney Markets in October.

Next up for us though is Poppyseed Markets at Bulli on Sunday, and I can’t wait to meet the lovely people of the Illawarra!

Then we will be focussing on trying to get our website up and running, the bones are there, check it out  we just have to make it look pretty and fill it up with stock!

Last big news, I got me a Industrial Sewing machine! I hopefully should have it by next week, I’m know that it will be great for my Deluxe Porkiepies (Laptop Bags) and it gives my other machine a rest and I can do more embroidery on it.  Now I just have to figure whether I should move my studio into the playroom and move the playroom into the studio..I think Little Miss Selkie will have alot to say about that!

Selkie xo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day to Day Ramblings

Phew! My double market days are over. I now have four weeks until my next market Mathilda’s at Lane Cove. I will try to have some new items in stock, brain is brimming with ideas! We had a good weekend, but I suspect that it was quieter than usual due to school holidays and people waiting for tax cheques, I know i’m one of them!

My Stall at Poppyseed Markets on Sunday 003

Just making up my first wholesale order with Little Yon Yon! Michelle stocks some fantastic WAHM’s creations, so please check out her website!

I also couple of custom orders, and alot of people over the Market weekend were asking if I make Messenger Bags. Well I think that will be the next main focus. A Deluxe Porkiepie Satchel, which can be used as both a laptop bag or a well stocked nappy bag. I’m excited about this as I will probably use a few different fabrics for each bag. I’m also thinking about the straps and whether they should be Polyprop like my other satchels or straps made out of the fabrics i’m using…hmmm.

So I will be chipping away at getting my stock ready and I’m very excited that I have bought another tree, a slightly smaller version, for my Caitycoo Totes, as I don’t think they look their best on the table!

Anywhoo not much else to say except I have listed my two of my Saffron Craig (as featured on her webpage) Elk Landscape Porkiepie Satchels on etsy

Purple Elk Landscape Porkiepie Satchel


Aqua Elk Landscape Porkiepie Satchel

004 005

Ok, that’s it for now,

Take care,

Selkie xo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Double Market Weekend!

Hello!!! This week I have been super busy getting ready for the two markets that Selkie Smith Design will be at this weekend! Some people call me crazy…lol…

On Saturday I will be at Allie’s Attic at Cronulla Leagues from 10-2 and on Sunday I will be at Poppyseed Markets at Ador Ave Rockdale from 10-3.. check the exact details on the right side bar.

This time I will have some Saffron Craig Porkiepie Satchels in stock as well as my standard fare of Large Totes, Yorkiepies, Caitycoos, Memo and Hairclips Boards, and a few other bits and pieces.

Apologies for my madeit shop looking a bit bare, as I haven’t listed anything due to the amount of markets that i’m doing! But I hope to list more shortly, and Mr Selkie Smith is working on a website for me, so hopefully we will have that up and running in September! Just in time for Christmas orders : )

Ok that’s me done, I need to get back on the machine.

Take care,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 Craft Trade Show and Magnolia Square

Hello Everyone, I can only seem to manage one post a month at the moment..terrible!!!

I have been busy as usual making market stock for some upcoming markets. I have 6 markets over the next month and a half…(insert an eye bulging smiley here!)

A couple of weeks ago my friend Margie and I braved the floods and checked out Magnolia Square at Randwick. It was great to finally meet face to face the lovely Helen from Ensparkle Ceramics. She makes some absolutely fabulous plate, bowls, tumbler, cake stands, and they can be personalised.. I bought this cute tumbler. I love the colours in it… There was also the talented artist Nikki, who has been featured in Frankie..check out her website!001

Ok last weekend me and my tree went down to the 2010 Craft Trade show at Rosehill. After months of emails back and forth it was a pleasure to meet Saffron Craig face to face. She had a booth at the fair, and it looked absolutely fabulous. It was the best one there hands down! My tree looked fab laden with creations from both myself and others. I also met the talented Kate Conklin of Kate Conklin Designs who makes beautiful quilts (see below) and quilt patterns. Also on show was a beautiful quilt by Tamara St Remy from Bernina Patch. It was magnificent.

Saffron’s Booth

007 Kate’s beautiful quilts


Saffron and I standing in front of Tamara’s Beautiful Quilt


I also made a few trade orders as I have made the decision to sell fabrics as well as my creations. I have ordered a couple of bolts from the new Patty Young range “Playdate” and also ordered some of the beautiful Alexander Henry Willow range.

DC4406_Chocolate DC4410_Chocolate[1] 1259091311

Ok must go, it’s Mummy and Daughter day here..have a great day, week, month..ok I hope to post more regularly…teehee..

Selkie xo

Saturday, May 29, 2010

In a Bind!

Oooh i’m using Windows Live Writer! Thanks to the tips from the Australian Contemporary Handmade Alliance I would never had known about it!! Check them out if you are a crafty like minded person for some great tips!!

Ok well it’s been a bit quiet in Selkieland, My little puppy has been sick, but she is on the mend, thank goodness! I have completed some custom orders over the last week and now i’m going to spend some time getting stock together for Billycart Markets on the 26th June. I’m working on an idea I’ve had for a while. I’m designing some binder covers for both “Kids Art Portfolios” and also for a “My Recipe” Binder. The covers will be removable for washing as we know a) kids are messy and b)chefs are messy!! Well i am! I also want to have a detachable pencil pocket for the art binders and the same for the recipe binders for a notepad and pencil.

I also used my embroidery part of the sewing machine last weekend with a bit of trepidation, but it was much easier than I expected. Although from the pic below you can see it doesn’t have much flair, i’ve bought lovely coloured embroidery thread for the real thing, so I can personalise the binders! So if you want it personalised then you can place a custom order with me!

Ok well for the moment I only have a very cryptic photo of my idea but I will post it to give you some idea!005

Of course I have some great fabrics in my stash for both styles of binders and I can’t wait to use some of my Retro 50’s inspired fabric for the recipe binders! I hope to have the Recipe Binders ready for Poppyseed Markets in July!

MM - 018 Home Ec 50's Style Take care,

Selkie xo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Selkie Smith's First Market Stall


As usual I've been super busy. Over the last couple of weeks i've been making stock for my first market stall at Poppyseed Markets. I had a great time and met alot of lovely people who made some lovely comments about my bags and boards and a few sales too! I learnt alot on the day and greatly appreciated help from my lovely friend Kylie and Mr Selkie Smith. He built the lattice work for my memo boards and the tree I bought was great for hanging up the bags.

I'll be back at Poppyseeds in July, but coming up next will be Billycart Markets in late June. Before that I will be looking at making a few new bag styles, a laptop bag, a nappy bag and a clutch, wish me luck!

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, and will post up a pic of my stall, I'm pleased with my mini tree on the table that I was putting together at 1am the morning of the markets! To say i'm exhausted is an understatement!

Selkie xo

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Collaborating with Saffron Craig


I can't believe its May already...this year is flying by, and this is the month for birthdays! My Dad, Mum, Brother, Daughter, Sister in Law, and I all are born in May...busy busy....

But thats not what i'm actually going to talk about today. I'm very excited because I have finished all the bags for the collaboration with Saffron Craig, and now I can proudly say they are up on her website I made some of my standard bags, a tote, Porkiepie satchel and a Yorkiepie satchel, but with Saffron's fabrics they look absolutely gorgeous!! I also made a Hobo shoulder bag with her Birds in Leaves - Black and a Market Bag in her Aqua Elk Landscape. I'm very happy with how these turned out and even happier that Saffron loves her bags! I will look to releasing the Hobo in September and the Market Bag early August. As you know I love using one print, so it was out of my comfort zone for me to use the panels for the Birds in Leaves Tote, but i'm happy with the outcome, so I will definately look at making this design again.

I will load up some pics that Saffron has kindly given to me, she has done a terrific job of the pictures on her website..

Also check out her blog..for my first (and possibly interview! Saffrons's Blog

Ok I must get going as I have Poppyseed Markets in two weeks I have to sew like the wind!!!

Selkie xo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Full Steam Ahead

Sorry guys for being so slack on posting! I've been busy, busy, busy...I finished up at work on the 30th March...woohoo, and have been making custom orders ever since!! I also bought a steam iron press, which has been a godsend speeding up the process of interfacing my bags!

At the moment I'm working on a collaboration project which i'm very excited about. I'm making 6 bags and a purse for this, and I can't wait to have it finished and see the results...hopefully I can show you the end product before the month is out! I'll leave it at that and then it will be a surprise at the end!

Otherwise, i've set up my madeit shop, and have two markets booked. Poppyseed Markets on the 16th May and Billycart Markets on the 26th June. I'm very excited about these and being able to meet people face to face and find out what they think of my designs.

Speaking of designs, once I finish the collaboration project, I'm going to be working on my designs for a makeup bag, and also a hairclip travel bag, as well as building up a market stash. I know when I was on the holidays, I would have loved a hairclip organiser. I'll also be working on a few other ideas, with more of a domestic goddess feel, I've had these ideas for ages, just have to work them out!

Ciao for now,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Craft Expo and Other Fabric Finds!


I'm on the countdown still, two weeks to go till i'm working on Selkie Smith Creations full time! So i've been busy making bags and going to work 4 days a week.. All is well though, and I'm very happy with the bag i'm currently making. I'm using Alexander Henry's Inked Girls in Multi. I really happy with the placement. Hopefully the owner of this bag will be pleased too.

Anywhoo what i actually came to write about was the Craft Expo that I went to with the lovely Laura on Saturday. I didn't expect to come away with anything, as I knew it was not the same as the stitches and craft show, but yes, I ended up buying some fabric, a bit more to add to my Japanese Fabric stock, some great Michael Miller Metallic Dot Fabric (at a steal..will make super purse linings and exteriors) a great book, and some "power scissors"... The one thing I dislike about sewing is the cutting. I'm left handed and even though I possess a pair of left handed scissors and a rotary cutter I can still butcher the fabric. Anywhoo I love my power scissors because they can cut through interfacing like butter. Eight Layers of fabric apparently... so all in a bit of a spend up yet again!

Then on Sunday I popped into one of my local fabric shops, just to take a squizz (i usually buy my fabric online) and was super suprised that the shop (Fred the Needle) has some fantastic bolts of Michael Miller Retro Fabrics, which I haven't seen online. I love all retro and especially the Domestic 50's looking prints. I'm particularly stoked to find "How to keep a Husband" as now I have both that and "How to get a Husband" Still thinking about what i'm going to use that fabric for..

Ok, I probably bored you all silly by now. So i'll sign off, and have taken pics of my new finds! oh and the bag.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Selkie's Back and a giveaway is on the cards


I'm back from my very rainy holiday, and am really glad that its a bit cooler now down this way. I hate muggy weather!!! I'm counting down the days till I work on my Selkie Smith Creations full time..woohoo!!!

I was very happy to see that my fanbase continues to grow on facebook and to thank my fans, I feel like having a giveaway.

A bit of background on the prize, when I started buying fabric for this adventure, I didn't know what a yard was in length let alone a Fat Quarter...(quarter yard).... and so I bought a few FQ's not realising what i was really after... for my bags I needed yards...

.... so i'm going to giveaway a couple of FQ sets. Both Amy Butler, pics of the fabric are on the sidebar.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Selkie's on Holidays

Yes, this week we are up on the usually sunny, but at the moment torrential rainy Gold Coast. Went to Bangalow today, I love it so cute, and saw some lovely handmade items. Tomorrow we are off to Mt Tambourine when I might add a new Matryoska Doll to my collection and get a little one for Miss C as she is always wanting to play with mine and I think my sets are too small for her.

Fabric wise I have recently purchased the Willow Range by Alexander Henry. Omigod it is so gorgeous I love, love, love it. I've also put in an order for the Michael Miller Hedgehog and the Big I can't wait to get that.

But in more important news I got the phone call today, officially I am being made redundant on the 31st March. Woohoo!! That means Selkie Smith will be my be and end all...Yay!!!

Last thing, I claimed the Pet Deer Porkiepie for myself, and it's having a great road test up here. Performing very well.

Ok thats about it,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Porkiepie joins the Selkie Smith Family


Over the last week I have been making satchels, a few yorkiepies and then I decided to make a bigger one which i named a Porkiepie. I'm really pleased with it turned out, and have plans to make many of them in a host of different fabrics. Their size makes them great for a mini nappy bag, that will fit over the back of a pram or stroller.

Other than that I have had a few orders for Large Tote bags. The new machine makes a breeze out of sewing them. I'm so pleased about buying it. I've yet to try the embroidery function, but I will get around to it. I'm trying to also make a large make up bag for a custom order. I had great feedback from my facebook page on what ladies would like from their make up bag. Anywhoo..on wednesday I had a date with some heatnbond(vinyl) and some lining fabric, and I don't think it will turn into a long lasting I felt like i was back at school applying Contact to my school books, bubbles everywhere. Since then I've decided my makeup bags will be fully machine washable.

In other news I will be working full time on Selkie Smith from April...yeehah!!!!! Very excited about that. I can't wait to start immersing myself completely in the business and doing some markets and hopefully listing on madeit. I found a great Wooden tree coat rack this week which will be great for hanging my bags from. I know i'm going to love the markets, will enjoy the instant feedback and also i'm going to do them with one of my best friends Laura from Sunny Side Up!!

Ok little Miss C is whinging in my ear, so must cut this post short. We will be on holidays for the first week of March, so I will post again in a couple of weeks.

Selkie xox

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My New Toy -Selkie Mk II


Long time no speak, have been very busy, with working at my day job...don't ask! and sewing.

But I have got a great new toy! My new sewing machine! My other one was my first one and a bit of a beginners model, so I needed something which has a few time saving features, ie: an automatic needle threader and the like, plus I wanted something that could do embroidery, which this little baby does. I have a little idea in the pipeline that needs a touch of embroidery to make it pop! More details on this later, when I have worked on it a little more!

So now i'm just getting used to my new toy. I'm hoping we will be together for many years of happy sewing!!

Other than that, i'm busy doing orders (we had a draw this week of a few items on my facebook fanpage), working at the coalface (day job) and of course I have a 3 1/2 year old to run after.

Did I tell you I can't wait till I can concentrate on Selkie Smith full time....just had to say it. Quite cathartic. Ok back to reading the encyclopedia that is my new sewing manual!

Selkie xo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

French Memo Board sil vous plait?


I have finally started to make those French memo boards that I spoke about in a previous post. I'm quite happy with the way they have turned out so far. Functional and Wall Art at the same time! I've become good friends with my staple I can see I would enjoy doing upholstery..down the track.

I have received some fabbo fabric this week, no surprise there i'm sure. I'm particularly fond of my "Betty Bakes" fabric by Michael Miller, and have a few plans up my sleeve for that one!

My Wahm status is still the same, which is a shame as I thought i'd have more time for Selkie stuff by the end of Jan, but now it looks like its somewhere in Feb...i'll keep you posted...

Not a whole lot else to say this week! So i will post a pic of one of my creations.

Selkie xo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tatsu You?

I've finally got to making my next bag, in the Tatsu Fabric by Alexander Henry. This was a new one for me, actually trying to place the fabric in such a way that the print transferred the correct way to the bag..iykwim. I've tried to get the placement so that the dragon looks as though it has been drawn up and over the bag, like indeed a tattoo would over the shoulder. Not easy. But I tried my best. Anyways the fabric is just such a fantastic print, so vibrant.

In other news, my Japanese Fabric arrived this week, so cute, the print is so delicate and small. I've also bought some more fabric retro look fabric and seeing as the tattoo prints are popular a few more of those too. Will blog once I get it.

I'm also waiting to get the Material Girls book from Book Depository. That place rocks! I want to start making the French type memo boards. The ones that have ribbon and buttons where you can place your photos, notes etc under the ribbon, so no tacks for little fingers and maybe a clearer fridge, as you can use some great fabrics, they are almost like artworks when made. Bought myself a staple gun today..and started imagining all the things I could make..whoa I had to stop myself, first things

Anyway the next bag is another Tattoo print, The Tattoo Girls Multi by AH again. The placement should be easy compared to Tatsu!

Selkie xo

Friday, January 8, 2010

The countdown is on!!!

That's right, I don't think it will be too long til I have more time to devote to making bags and all manner of accessories! I can't wait... I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head! I'm finding it hard to turn my brain off at night. Maybe a notepad by my bedside would be a good idea.

This week i'm making a bag that is exactly the same as Jo's Bag, with the same material, hence no pics.. So instead I thought I put up a pic of one of the fabrics that I got in this week. It's called Love Valentine by In the Beginning Fabrics. I adore the retro and vintage looks. I'm not totally sure yet what to make of this one.. maybe a tea cosy or two, I just love the teapot on this print! Speaking of things tea related, the other pic is a of my office mug.. I have a whole set of these cups all with different word play ending with tea ie: tranquili-tea, but creativi - tea has been patiently waiting in my kitchen cupboard till the time when I could focus most of my attention on Selkie Smith, so I think now is the time to put it to use!

Hmm..I also bought some fabric this week, surprise, surprise, but this week is the first time i've bought Japanese Fabric, it is so cute, I can't wait to get it to put up the pics!

Anyways, not much else happening in the life of Selkie this week, but hopefully in the not too distant future i'll get the chance to blog more than once a week

Selkie xox

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Yorkiepie is born

That's right i've finally finished my first satchel, my first little "yorkiepie". Actually its a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but i'm pleased with the size as a child can fit a few books, toys, drink bottle etc in it.

Thought I'd find it a bit harder than the tote, but the hardest bit was working out how to get the strap webbing through the slide adjuster. Thanks DH for figuring it out! I used velcro for the closure as its easy for little fingers. Besides that the hardest thing was sourcing the webbing in a colour besides black, and after some research i've found that its called webbing, strapping or belting, to make it even more confusing.... Anywhoo I've now found a supplier for some great colours that will go with my other fabrics.

I hope that the little boy that this is going to will love it!

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