Saturday, January 23, 2010

French Memo Board sil vous plait?


I have finally started to make those French memo boards that I spoke about in a previous post. I'm quite happy with the way they have turned out so far. Functional and Wall Art at the same time! I've become good friends with my staple I can see I would enjoy doing upholstery..down the track.

I have received some fabbo fabric this week, no surprise there i'm sure. I'm particularly fond of my "Betty Bakes" fabric by Michael Miller, and have a few plans up my sleeve for that one!

My Wahm status is still the same, which is a shame as I thought i'd have more time for Selkie stuff by the end of Jan, but now it looks like its somewhere in Feb...i'll keep you posted...

Not a whole lot else to say this week! So i will post a pic of one of my creations.

Selkie xo

1 Comment:

Jann said...

They look great, Mel - I saw the other one on FB. Hope your wahm status changes soon xox

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