Sunday, March 14, 2010

Craft Expo and Other Fabric Finds!


I'm on the countdown still, two weeks to go till i'm working on Selkie Smith Creations full time! So i've been busy making bags and going to work 4 days a week.. All is well though, and I'm very happy with the bag i'm currently making. I'm using Alexander Henry's Inked Girls in Multi. I really happy with the placement. Hopefully the owner of this bag will be pleased too.

Anywhoo what i actually came to write about was the Craft Expo that I went to with the lovely Laura on Saturday. I didn't expect to come away with anything, as I knew it was not the same as the stitches and craft show, but yes, I ended up buying some fabric, a bit more to add to my Japanese Fabric stock, some great Michael Miller Metallic Dot Fabric (at a steal..will make super purse linings and exteriors) a great book, and some "power scissors"... The one thing I dislike about sewing is the cutting. I'm left handed and even though I possess a pair of left handed scissors and a rotary cutter I can still butcher the fabric. Anywhoo I love my power scissors because they can cut through interfacing like butter. Eight Layers of fabric apparently... so all in a bit of a spend up yet again!

Then on Sunday I popped into one of my local fabric shops, just to take a squizz (i usually buy my fabric online) and was super suprised that the shop (Fred the Needle) has some fantastic bolts of Michael Miller Retro Fabrics, which I haven't seen online. I love all retro and especially the Domestic 50's looking prints. I'm particularly stoked to find "How to keep a Husband" as now I have both that and "How to get a Husband" Still thinking about what i'm going to use that fabric for..

Ok, I probably bored you all silly by now. So i'll sign off, and have taken pics of my new finds! oh and the bag.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Selkie's Back and a giveaway is on the cards


I'm back from my very rainy holiday, and am really glad that its a bit cooler now down this way. I hate muggy weather!!! I'm counting down the days till I work on my Selkie Smith Creations full time..woohoo!!!

I was very happy to see that my fanbase continues to grow on facebook and to thank my fans, I feel like having a giveaway.

A bit of background on the prize, when I started buying fabric for this adventure, I didn't know what a yard was in length let alone a Fat Quarter...(quarter yard).... and so I bought a few FQ's not realising what i was really after... for my bags I needed yards...

.... so i'm going to giveaway a couple of FQ sets. Both Amy Butler, pics of the fabric are on the sidebar.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Selkie's on Holidays

Yes, this week we are up on the usually sunny, but at the moment torrential rainy Gold Coast. Went to Bangalow today, I love it so cute, and saw some lovely handmade items. Tomorrow we are off to Mt Tambourine when I might add a new Matryoska Doll to my collection and get a little one for Miss C as she is always wanting to play with mine and I think my sets are too small for her.

Fabric wise I have recently purchased the Willow Range by Alexander Henry. Omigod it is so gorgeous I love, love, love it. I've also put in an order for the Michael Miller Hedgehog and the Big I can't wait to get that.

But in more important news I got the phone call today, officially I am being made redundant on the 31st March. Woohoo!! That means Selkie Smith will be my be and end all...Yay!!!

Last thing, I claimed the Pet Deer Porkiepie for myself, and it's having a great road test up here. Performing very well.

Ok thats about it,

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