Monday, March 1, 2010

Selkie's on Holidays

Yes, this week we are up on the usually sunny, but at the moment torrential rainy Gold Coast. Went to Bangalow today, I love it so cute, and saw some lovely handmade items. Tomorrow we are off to Mt Tambourine when I might add a new Matryoska Doll to my collection and get a little one for Miss C as she is always wanting to play with mine and I think my sets are too small for her.

Fabric wise I have recently purchased the Willow Range by Alexander Henry. Omigod it is so gorgeous I love, love, love it. I've also put in an order for the Michael Miller Hedgehog and the Big I can't wait to get that.

But in more important news I got the phone call today, officially I am being made redundant on the 31st March. Woohoo!! That means Selkie Smith will be my be and end all...Yay!!!

Last thing, I claimed the Pet Deer Porkiepie for myself, and it's having a great road test up here. Performing very well.

Ok thats about it,


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