Sunday, December 27, 2009

All my Christmases come at once!

Belated Merry Christmas to all...I hope you have had a lovely Christmas with your families. To be honest I have had enough of all the Christmas food, I don't think I can look a trifle in the face ever again, or for another 12 months at least. I was very spoilt, and today, with a Spotlight gift card in my hot little hand, off I went to the stocktake sale.

Usually I come away from these sales a little sad, with the post Christmas madness and empty shelves, but today it seems that I have stepped into an alternate universe! No lines, and more in stock than what i usually find. I have taken a pic of my Spotlight stash, ok I may well have spent 8 times what the gift voucher had on it, but I see it as a little Christmas present to myself.

Also I just have to say I got this fabulous book by Cat Wei, she co-hosts a show on the How To channel on Foxtel called Material Girls. It has some great ideas for doing things around the home. A new favourite on my IQ... One day I may even attempt to make my own roman day... maybe I should stick to making bags first.

Happy Holidays!
Selkie xox

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My First Satchel and the only tattoo's i'll ever get

Well its been a very busy xmas weekend, with parties on both days so no sewing.. Oh well.. I'm just about to sew the lining up in the bottom of LJ's bag and ship that and the Robert Kaufman Tote off to their new owners, I hope they like them.

My next order is one for a satchel, for a darling little boy. I'm still deciding whether to use webbing for the strap or to make it out of the material i'm using for the body..which is Jungle Jame by MM... if I go for the webbing I need to find webbing to match the colours in the bag..

In other news a very exciting fabric order has arrived...ok, ok they are all exciting, but this one i'm really excited about, two Alexander Henry prints Tatsu & Zen Charmer..omigod they are amazing...funny though my Husband didn't seem to share my enthusiasm... They are so good, will take a pic for you to judge.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Mermaids

I've nearly finished LJ's Mermaid Tote Bag, got to put a few finishing touches like topstitching the edge of the outside, but it's pretty much there. I used plastic tubing for the handles, as its a smaller tote. I think it would be easier for little hands to hold. Glad i've practically finished it as the Xmas events are starting to snowball and i'm going to less time this month to do much sewing wise.. I'm going to call my little girly totes a "Caitycoo" and my little boy satchels a "yorkiepie" after my daughter and nephew...

I can't wait for my recent fabric purchases arrive, its just like Christmas for me each time the parcel post man drops off a parcel.

Pics of the bag above..because i haven't figure out how to post them

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