Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Mermaids

I've nearly finished LJ's Mermaid Tote Bag, got to put a few finishing touches like topstitching the edge of the outside, but it's pretty much there. I used plastic tubing for the handles, as its a smaller tote. I think it would be easier for little hands to hold. Glad i've practically finished it as the Xmas events are starting to snowball and i'm going to less time this month to do much sewing wise.. I'm going to call my little girly totes a "Caitycoo" and my little boy satchels a "yorkiepie" after my daughter and nephew...

I can't wait for my recent fabric purchases arrive, its just like Christmas for me each time the parcel post man drops off a parcel.

Pics of the bag above..because i haven't figure out how to post them


Anita said...

Gorgeous little tote M. Can't wait for D's to be finished...he will love it!

Jann said...

Lovely, Mel. Nice bag. love the names of your junior totes :). You're so clever xo

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