Sunday, December 6, 2009

My First Satchel and the only tattoo's i'll ever get

Well its been a very busy xmas weekend, with parties on both days so no sewing.. Oh well.. I'm just about to sew the lining up in the bottom of LJ's bag and ship that and the Robert Kaufman Tote off to their new owners, I hope they like them.

My next order is one for a satchel, for a darling little boy. I'm still deciding whether to use webbing for the strap or to make it out of the material i'm using for the body..which is Jungle Jame by MM... if I go for the webbing I need to find webbing to match the colours in the bag..

In other news a very exciting fabric order has arrived...ok, ok they are all exciting, but this one i'm really excited about, two Alexander Henry prints Tatsu & Zen Charmer..omigod they are amazing...funny though my Husband didn't seem to share my enthusiasm... They are so good, will take a pic for you to judge.


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