Saturday, February 6, 2010

My New Toy -Selkie Mk II


Long time no speak, have been very busy, with working at my day job...don't ask! and sewing.

But I have got a great new toy! My new sewing machine! My other one was my first one and a bit of a beginners model, so I needed something which has a few time saving features, ie: an automatic needle threader and the like, plus I wanted something that could do embroidery, which this little baby does. I have a little idea in the pipeline that needs a touch of embroidery to make it pop! More details on this later, when I have worked on it a little more!

So now i'm just getting used to my new toy. I'm hoping we will be together for many years of happy sewing!!

Other than that, i'm busy doing orders (we had a draw this week of a few items on my facebook fanpage), working at the coalface (day job) and of course I have a 3 1/2 year old to run after.

Did I tell you I can't wait till I can concentrate on Selkie Smith full time....just had to say it. Quite cathartic. Ok back to reading the encyclopedia that is my new sewing manual!

Selkie xo


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