Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tatsu You?

I've finally got to making my next bag, in the Tatsu Fabric by Alexander Henry. This was a new one for me, actually trying to place the fabric in such a way that the print transferred the correct way to the bag..iykwim. I've tried to get the placement so that the dragon looks as though it has been drawn up and over the bag, like indeed a tattoo would over the shoulder. Not easy. But I tried my best. Anyways the fabric is just such a fantastic print, so vibrant.

In other news, my Japanese Fabric arrived this week, so cute, the print is so delicate and small. I've also bought some more fabric retro look fabric and seeing as the tattoo prints are popular a few more of those too. Will blog once I get it.

I'm also waiting to get the Material Girls book from Book Depository. That place rocks! I want to start making the French type memo boards. The ones that have ribbon and buttons where you can place your photos, notes etc under the ribbon, so no tacks for little fingers and maybe a clearer fridge, as you can use some great fabrics, they are almost like artworks when made. Bought myself a staple gun today..and started imagining all the things I could make..whoa I had to stop myself, first things

Anyway the next bag is another Tattoo print, The Tattoo Girls Multi by AH again. The placement should be easy compared to Tatsu!

Selkie xo


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