Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Beast in my Sewing Room!

Hello and welcome to my monthly blog post! Oh actually this is my second post this month..yay a record for me!

Things are busy in the land of Selkie Smith which is how I like it! This week I was happy to take receipt of the “Beast”, my industrial sewing machine. To do so I had to swap rooms, I had to move all my sewing stuff and the million yards of fabric into my daughters playroom, and she moved her millions of toys into my old sewing room. Surprisingly it all went off without a hitch, not a tanty from either I or Little Miss Selkie Smith.

Now compared with my other sewing machine, which forever more will be referred to as “Beauty”, the threading of the beast required me to write up a detailed and numbered list of where the thread had to be looped up, under and around..see pic below, I even had to put the numbers on the

008 Anywhoo, it purrs like a kitten, and i’ve got it set on a slower speed at the moment but it’s still fast! Now I can start making my Deluxe Porkiepie Laptop bags!

Here is a few pics of my new sewing room, it much more organised that my other room.

With the Beauty in the foreground.


and my corner office..


In market news I will be at Mathilda’s Market at the Park Hyatt in Canberra on the 12th of Sept, I’m looking forward to going, I haven’t been to Canberra in about 10 years!

And one more thing, please feel free to comment, I promise I won’t bite! ; )

Selkie xo


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