Friday, November 20, 2009

A career seachange

Well folks welcome to my blog! I thought i should start one as i'm starting a new journey, It looks like i'll be leaving the corporate world behind..! With any luck i'm about enter the world of the WAHM! I've been slowly building up my sewing skills and buying fabric, ok, ok the fabric became a bit of an obsession...but that confirmed to me that this is where i want to be creating great bags and accessories for all ages, girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen ok maybe

Well i've attempted my first bag, a birthday present for my sister, which she loved, and since then I have had a little trickle of orders come in, which is fine by me, as i'm still working my day job! I have a whole day to myself tomorrow to get some real sewing in and hopefully I will get my first paid gig all sewn up...


Jann said...

Hi Mel, Congrats on joining the world of blogging. I look forward to seeing more bags and sewing. Hope to read about you, DH and your darling daughter as well


Kaz said...

Goodluck with this Mel. I sewed children's clothes for 2 years after Mady was born - paid the bills but I did over 50 hours pw sewing late at night while she was sleeping - argh!! Still it was nice to be home with her.

Karen :)

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