Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who knew Big School would be so busy!

Not me!! I had grand delusions of having all my days to sew, sew, sew and maybe a day at the canteen once a month and that was all there was to it.. Ah no, if I put my hand up for everything that was asked of us I would have a full time volunteer job! The hours between 9-3 fly by and when I have a deadline they seem even quicker. Then Miss C asked if I was going to come and help out in the classroom like some of the other parents, I developed a severe case of the Mother guilts and knew something had to change.

That is why I made the decision that Selkie Smith will no longer be taking on custom orders through Facebook. Selkie Smith does though want to keep the idea of custom orders going by having a “virtual custom order” through our website, where you pick your bag style and your fabric combo. This is available now, and I hope you get a chance to have a squizz! We will be adding new fabric combos regularly. We will also have a ready made part of the website up shortly once we complete our back log of custom orders, and hopefully some new products will get an appearance as well.

So that’s what is happening in the land of Selkie Smith at the moment, oh and one other thing, I was very humbled to be featured in KidStyleFile in their article about Aussie designers who make their produce locally. I’m very passionate about keeping Selkie Smith creations made locally and employing people in our local area, so was thrilled to be included with some very talented local designers!

Selkie xo


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