Friday, January 1, 2010

A Yorkiepie is born

That's right i've finally finished my first satchel, my first little "yorkiepie". Actually its a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but i'm pleased with the size as a child can fit a few books, toys, drink bottle etc in it.

Thought I'd find it a bit harder than the tote, but the hardest bit was working out how to get the strap webbing through the slide adjuster. Thanks DH for figuring it out! I used velcro for the closure as its easy for little fingers. Besides that the hardest thing was sourcing the webbing in a colour besides black, and after some research i've found that its called webbing, strapping or belting, to make it even more confusing.... Anywhoo I've now found a supplier for some great colours that will go with my other fabrics.

I hope that the little boy that this is going to will love it!

1 Comment:

Anita said...

D will absolutely love it....I am sure of it!

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